Teaching Your Child How to Make Friends

Whether a large group or close-knit few, having a circle of friends is crucial in life. For children it is especially important as they learn social skills and navigate interactions with people outside of their family. Feeling like they belong and have a support system is crucial for kids. Some children may make friends easily […]

Early Warning Signs and Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a crisis that isn’t limited by age, location, economic standing, or financial success. The crushing truth is that intrusive suicidal thoughts can be lurking in anyone’s mind, and oftentimes it’s difficult to identify. Sadly millions of people each year die by suicide, and that number is rising in children and young adults. The […]

A Look at the Latest Suicide Data and Change Over the Last Decade

We are focused on being a resource about mental health. This article talks about a troubling trend that has started to happen over the past decade: a consistent increase in suicide rates. This trajectory raises a lot concerns about the mental health of teens and adults. We need to make a greater effort to understand […]

8 Tips for How to Find Balance in Life

Finding balance in your life may sometimes feel like an impossible task. You may have work commitments, family obligations, and what about your personal goals? 1. Acknowledge Your Needs Be honest with yourself and put your needs first. Only you can fully see what areas you are neglecting and what improvements you can make. Even […]

Free family mental health, wellness nights for CCSD families

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ten to 20 percent of adolescents report dealing with mental health issues, according to Parent Guidance therapists. The Clark County School District is working with the Cook Center for Human Connection to provide mental health resources and weekly webinars with mental health professionals. “Our hope is that every family knows where and how […]

A Back to School Mental Health Checklist for School Leaders

Summer is almost over the moment it begins, so for school administrators it’s never too early to get ready for back-to-school. As school systems all over the country prepare for students to return to the classroom, it’s more important than ever to make sure everyone is ready for the mental health needs of Staff Your […]

Mountainair Public Schools Partners with ParentGuidance.org to Promote Student Mental Well-Being

Mountainair Public Schools in central New Mexico is committed to the mental well-being of its students. In order to provide the best possible support for students, the district has partnered with ParentGuidance.org, a leading provider of online mental health resources for families. Superintendent Dawn Apodaca says that the partnership with ParentGuidance.org was a natural fit […]

Helping Schools and Districts Address Mental Health Crisis among their Students

In October, about 70 school and district leaders from around the country gathered in Utah for a mental health summit. More than once during the three-day conference, administrators had to break away to deal with mental health emergencies in their districts. It dramatized what has become increasingly apparent over the past few years: Students are […]

Apply Internal Sunscreen to Stay Mentally Healthy

Here Comes Summer As we approach the summer months, it’s important to remember that just as we take measures to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, we should also prioritize protecting our mental health. Parents play a crucial role in not only maintaining your own mental well-being, but also helping your child do the […]

Ganel-Lyn Condie has received the Influencer for Good Award

Ganel-Lyn Condie has received the Influencer for Good Award for her ongoing work that positively impacts communities and families.    Ganel-Lyn is a motivational speaker and author of more than a dozen books. Her messages center on faith, family, and principles that will empower others to live life with more joy.   “We recognize Ganel-Lyn […]