Free family mental health, wellness nights for CCSD families

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Ten to 20 percent of adolescents report dealing with mental health issues, according to Parent Guidance therapists. The Clark County School District is working with the Cook Center for Human Connection to provide mental health resources and weekly webinars with mental health professionals.

“Our hope is that every family knows where and how to access these resources and that we’re there, just like 911 is there when you need help and support. Parent Guidance is there when you need help and support,” Anne Brown, Cook Center for Human Connection, said.

The Cook Center was awarded the request for a proposal for wrap-around mental health services stemming from a multi-million dollar federal grant. Families now have three levels of support.

Parent Guidance is a collection of courses that help with different levels of parenting, topics range from suicide prevention to emotional regulation. There are also self-help courses for parents, with tools like meditation. This is available to anyone 24/7.

The district, in collaboration with the Cook Center, will also provide weekly seminars led by mental health experts. Topics include everything from raising a confident child to noticing the signs of suicide ideation, with a new topic every week.

Seminars are available multiple times throughout the week in Spanish and English to serve all types of families. Recordings are also available to those who are interested.

You can also find parent coaching on Parent Guidance. Families can get one-on-one time with a certified coach who works with a therapist.

“We’re finding that all of those, all parts of those are being used at different levels and that’s what we like to see, is that families are finding the supports that they need,” Brown said.

These resources will be available for at least the next 18 months. While on campus, look for the posters shown above. You will find a QR code that’ll lead you to more information. You can also visit and watch for the Parentlink communication that includes a registration link and a full schedule of live webinars.

“Our first hope is that not every family needs us every week and every time. So we hope that every family isn’t in strife but we hope to be there for the families who are,” Brown said.

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