The Cook Center for Human Connection has given its first Influencer for Good Award to Ashley Rose Reeves for her ongoing work that positively impacts communities and families. 

Ashley is best known on social media for her brand of positive body image and productive parenting. She is a mom of four who empowers others to build a better body image for themselves and their kids through her blog, website, social media channels, and shop. 

She is also deeply involved in grassroots community work and fundraising for worthy causes. 

“I try to get people connected, to help, and to serve,” said Ashley. “Social media is a business tool, but really it’s power is in connecting people, to bring people who want to help in contact with people who need it.” 

Ashley has collaborated in several fundraising events including The Children’s Justice Center that provides resources and therapy for survivors of sexual assault, The Road Home Women’s Shelters, and Feed My Starving Children for hungry children around the world, to name a few.

Her current project is called, “Youth Exploring Solutions Camps.” YES Camps will bring teens together to collaborate and build relationships with the goal of empowering them to take control of their mental health.

“Ashley is such a great example of the values that the Cook Center for Human Connection stands for and promotes,” said Anne Brown, president and chief executive officer of the Cook Center. “She is a real force in the movement to help families think positively and to have happier, more connected, and more productive lives.”

The Cook Center established the Influencer for Good Award to recognize those with influence who use their platforms to spread messages that contribute to the mental and emotional wellbeing of others, promote causes that lead to stronger families, or uplift vulnerable members of the community. 

It is the mission of the Cook Center for Human Connection to bring together the best organizations, programs and products to prevent suicide, provide mental health support, and enhance human connections essential for people to thrive.

“We founded the Cook Center to promote ideas and actions that result in better mental health, particularly among teens,” said Greg Cook who co-founded the center with his wife, Julie. “We are proud to honor Ashley for her dedication to the cause of positive living and encouraging her followers to feel better about themselves. Her positivity is contagious.” 

“I feel so grateful that I have been given a platform to get my community involved in great causes. It has been beautiful to experience the good that can be done with social media,” said Ashley. “Sometimes, we hear about the negative aspects of social media, but in my experience, the positive connections that can come from it has been a big blessing.”