Give to Prevent Suicide

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the perfect day to do some good. Our many partners work hard to make an impact by developing programs and spreading knowledge about suicide prevention and good mental health practices. Please help our partners with a donation today. The Defensive Line: Founded by NFL star defensive end Solomon Thomas, The Defensive Line […]

How to Manage Holiday Stress and Anxiety

Steps to relieve holiday stress

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people, including teachers. This article offers tips for managing holiday stress and anxiety, such as setting realistic expectations, budgeting wisely, managing time effectively, socializing strategically, setting boundaries, and focusing on physical health. By taking care of yourself, you can enjoy the holidays and recharge for the new year.

7 Steps to Help Manage Children’s Holiday Stress

Holiday stress and children

Children usually look forward to winter holidays with joy and enthusiasm. Sometimes, however, holidays can bring stressors that are new and overwhelming for kids. Kids experience stress during the holidays for a number of reasons. For one, when the adults around them experience greater than normal levels of stress, kids mimic the model. Additionally, the […]

How to Help Someone You Love with Depression

How to Help Someone You Love with Depression

Depression is a complex and challenging mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. If you know someone who suffers from depression your support and understanding can be a lifeline for them in their journey toward healing. There are ways you can show your support when someone you love is suffering with depression by being there for them, offering practical advice, and showing empathy, patience, and understanding.